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What is Energy Auditing :

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is a systematic approach to identify Energy Wastages in various process/ equipments through Mass Balance and Energy Balance and to determine how this Energy Wastages can be minimized with in a stipulated time and reasonable cost.

Therefore, the extent and type of Energy Audit should results in gains commensurate with the effort made

Types of Energy Audit

  • Preliminary Energy Audit are carried out on the basis of visual observation, analysis of data provided by plant personnel, Log sheets and measurements from the instruments present on panel board. The objective of preliminary energy audit is to identify the energy conservation opportunities, where Detailed Energy audit can be carried out.

  • Detailed Energy Audit are to identify specific Recommendations/ Suggestions/ Proposals for energy savings and formulation of action plans for the implementation of the recommendations based on the investment required, payback period, cost- benefit ratio, etc.
  • Methodology

  • Gather and collect information in specially designed, “Energy systems Questionnaires” format, for the industry under study.

  • Inter- and intra- industry comparison of the collected data.

  • Assessment of the present efficiency index for energy consumption in the industry/ process.

  • Data/information regarding energy consumption vis-à-vis production for the past three to five years (on a monthly basis) should be analyzed to arrive at the specific energy consumption figure.

  • In-depth study of the plant operations, equipments and systems for a general review of the energy systems to assess the operational efficiency and potential for economization.

  • Evaluating detailed recommendations for energy saving / Conservation.

  • Formulation of detailed action plans/ strategies in consultation with the plant management for the implementation of the identified energy saving measures.

  • Training the operating personnel in the specifics of Energy Conservation to enable them to implement the recommendations and also to monitor the progress on a periodic basis.
  • Based on our earlier experience we assures you for guaranteed Energy Savings of over :

  • 1% - 3% with Nil or Insignificant Investments.

  • 5% - 15% with small capital Investments.
  • (Payback period on investments not exceeding 1-2 years in terms of the resultant Energy Savings)