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Plate Type Heat Exchanger

plate heat exchanger is a type of heat exchanger that uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids.


D.G.Heat Exchanger

Increase in load by approximately 10% due to sustained, better cooling. Hence there will be no need to reduce the load due to over heating


Finned Tube Air Heaters & Coolers

an air-cooled exchanger for process use consists of a finned-tube bundle with rectangular box headers on both ends ....


Chilling Plant

State-of-art water/air cooled Energy Efficient Semi-Hermitic reciprocating packaged chillers/cooling solutions,range from 30TR-100TR,


Chocolate Manufacturing Plant

We are a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Automatic Chocolate Moulding Line, Chocolate Batch Refiner Conches, Chocolate Enrober Machine, Chocolate Lentil Depositor, Coating Pan, Double Shaft Mixer And Conche Mixer, Chocolate Enrobing Line, Chocolate Moulding Machine, Lab Conche, One Shot Depositor, Chocolate Refiner Conche and Cooling Tunnels. We not only supply sophisticated Chocolate Processing Machinery, but also bring forth complete solutions for methodological production and packaging of Chocolates in the form of Turnkey Project.Backed by the high tech infrastructural facility, strict quality control mechanism and provision of reliable integrated solutions, we have carved a distinct place in the market. Moreover, with our customer centric approach, we have established ourselves as the reliable entity in the market. Keeping client's need, as a motive force, we design and build high performing Machines. The easy availability of the advanced Chocolate Processing Machinery at competitive prices has helped to list our name among the leading Chocolate Batch Refiner Conches Manufacturers, based in India

Our Work

What we do

We introduce ourselves as a group of qualified engineers working last three decades in the field of designing and Manufacturing of industrial Duty Heat Transfer Equipments like Thermic Fluid Heat Exchangers , Process Steam Heaters , Finned Tube Heat Exchangers , Jacket Water Coolers , Oil Heaters & Coolers , After Coolers , Inter Coolers , Chillers , Condensers & Evaporators , Scale bane , Canopy, Confectionery Machinery &spares , Chocolate Horizontal Ball Mill ,Chocolate Vertical Ball Mills ,Chocolate Holding Tanks ,Fat/Ghee Melting Tanks ,Chocolate Conche Machine ,Chocolate Forming Machine ,Chocolate Slab Cutting Machine ,Mixing Tanks ,Steel Balls ,GEMS PLANT ,Gems Forming Machine ,S.S.Toollys & Trays ,FRP Cooling Towers ,Water treatment equipments ,Air Filters,Energy Auditing etc.
We specialize in D.G. Engine Cooling Retrofit & Conversion jobs from Radiator Systems to Heat Exchanger System for all mates & models of CUMMINS, CATER PILUER, MWM GREAVES, KOEL, VOLVO PENTA, LEYLAND, SKODA, SKL etc.
Our modified Heat Exchanger System increases the efficiency of engine by 10% reduces power generation cost, gives uniform control cooling which will minimize wear & tear of parts likes liners, piston rings, bearing, bushes etc. Hence increase life of the Engine. .




FRP Cooling Towers

FRP Cross Flow Cooling Towers,Square Type FRP Cooling Tower,Water Cooling Towers,FRP Natural Draft Cooling Tower,Pultruded FRP Cooling Tower,FRP Counter Flow Cooling Tower,Industrial Cooling Tower,FRP JET Cooling Tower,Round bottle cooling tower


Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchanger, Plate heat exchangers, Plate and shell heat exchanger, Adiabatic wheel heat exchanger, Plate fin heat exchanger, Pillow plate heat exchanger, Fluid heat exchangers, Waste heat recovery units


Confectionery Machinery

Chocolate Manufacturing Plant,Chocolate Horizontal Ball Mill,Chocolate Vertical Ball Mill,Chocolate Holding Tank,Fat Melting Tank,Chocolate Conche Machine,Chocolate Forming Machine,Chocolate Slab Cutting Machine,Batch Mixing Tanks,Coating Pan


Material Handling Systems

Coal/Ash/Clinker Handling Systems,All types of Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Air Lift, Air Slide, EOT Crane, Tripper Conveyors, Deep Bucket Conveyors, Trolleys, Plate Conveyors, Portable & Loading Conveyors,feeder,Trolleys

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