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Heat Recovery System:-

Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

Every Diesel Genset emits high temperature (250 to 5000C) waste gases to the atmosphere. This heat can be recovered to improve system efficiency and to reduce energy cost by recovering heat in the following utilizations :

  • Hot Air & Water Generation.
  • Heating of Boiler Feed Water.
  • Heating of Thermic Fluid.
  • Steam generation.

    Salient Features of heat Recovery Systems
  • Compact & unique design with wide range selection.
  • Minimum site work.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High heat transfer coefficient of 30 80 watt/m2-K.
  • Suitable for indoor / outdoor installation.
  • System ensures permissible back presser limits.
  • Quick steaming and less start up time.
  • Compact design save space.
  • Low installed cost.
  • 100% depreciation.
  • Attractive pay back period.
  • Heat Recovery Application
  • Exhaust gas steam boiler.
  • Exhaust gas hot water generation.
  • Exhaust gas thermic fluid heaters.
  • Pre heating of HSD, furnace oil etc.
  • Associations

    Heat Recovery Unit is designed in association with School of Energy & Environmental Studies, DAVV, Indore.