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Gems Forming Machine:-

Gems Forming Machine

Colorful cadbury gems chocolate beans machine line,This chocolate bean forming machine specializes in making colorful chocolate core material, chocolate bean.It can make the relative forming moulds according to the chocolate shapes, such as spherical shape, button shape, olive shape,cashew shape,triangle shape,etc.
The chocolate syrup is feed from the thermal tank thought the pump to the mould, the mould is working under the refrigeration situation, the lowest temperature can be regulated to -28°C–30°C, it makes the liquid syrup in the mould become solid in a moment, and then transferred to cooler of 5°C--8°C thought conveyor for further definite form.
The finalized shape enters the roller screen barrel for remove the burr of the core, and automatically discharged.The part that moulding contacting with the foods uses special products, which behaves in conformity with Food Sanitation.
The moulding procedure is finished in a seal cavity, conformity with Food Sanitation GMP, less influence by the ambient temperature & humidity, with reducing the production cost, easy to change the moulds, reducing the time to stop machine, and improving the machine utilization ratio.Having real time monitored control system and guarantee the products quality, improving the production rate.

Working area conditions requirements:

1)Cooling and heating fan pipe cooling air:5-12 hot air:40-50drying
2)Air purified system installed
3)Room temperature: 18~22, humidity: 45%-55%;
4)Drying room:150M2