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Energy Auditing:-

Rayon Applied Engineers, a group of qualified engineers working past 22 years in the field of Designing and Manufacturing of industrial duty Heat Transfer equipments for varied industries in the small, medium and large scale sectors.

Building upon its highly successful involvement with & services to industry in the field of Designing and Manufacturing, Energy Systems group, Rayon Applied Engineers has offering services in the field of Energy Conservation Technology to cater the Industrial & Commercial sectors.

Energy Systems group, Rayon Applied Engineers has successfully handled over 50 Nos. of Energy Audit in various industries and Commercial sector since last 3 years.

As recognition to our dedicated services in the field of Energy Auditing / Conservation, Rayon Applied Engineers has also been enlisted as an approved Energy Auditor by the Govt. of M.P./ M.P.E.B. and other agencies. Kindly note that we have also associated with Center of Energy Studies & Research (CESR), DAVV, Indore which is one of the leading organization in India in the fields of Energy & Environment & approved by PCRA for doing energy auditing in industries .

What We Offer You :

The audit of energy consumption is a specialized process. It takes thorough knowledge and expertise in multiple fields to estimate design, commission and performance monitor projects for energy conservation. Energy Systems group of Rayon Applied Engineers provides a comprehensive & integrated, consultancy package in Energy Management including Design, Manufacturing & Installation of waste Heat Recovery equipments through its Team of Engineers which includes industry / Specific technology experts as well as specialists in Electrical, Chemical, Mechanical & Instrumentation fields backed up by an extensive data bank, library & latest sophisticated instrumentation. Efforts are targeted to reflect savings of fuel and electricity in the actual energy bill. We also provide our technical assistance in implementing energy saving measures after the Energy Auditing.