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Chocolate Conche Machine :-

Chocolate Conche Machine

Chocolate conche is used in fine grinding of chocolate mass; it is the main equipment in chocolate production line.

Machine has following advantages:-

1) Use motor to control the gap between the ling and handle automatically.
2) Rapid heating and cooling system.
3) The main body and bottom base is connected by screw; it is easy to disconnect the main body and bottom base for maintenance and repairing.
4) Has multi-function of grinding, conching, deodorizing and dehydration.
5) The main body is made by 2 layers of steel. Water fills in the middle for keeping the machine in right temperature, so chocolate will not be destroyed.
6)The Chocolate Refining Machine model has the maximum capacity of 1000L, the body parts are all made by food-grade Stainless Steel.