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Chilling Plant:-

We provides State-of-art water/air cooled Energy Efficient Semi-Hermitic reciprocating packaged chillers/cooling solutions for the Indian market in a wide range from 30TR-100TR, are assembled with Kiloskar Copeland/ Yoke international, Super freeze etc. compressor.

Each unit consists of a Semi-hermitic motor compressor, a direct expansion liquid cooler, water cooled Shell-Tube Condenser, Refrigerant Piping and Controls. Also included is a control panel containing all necessary operating & safety controls, indicating lights and part winding Starter.

Compressor: Supper freeze, Kiloskar Copeland Yoke international etc.


Chilling Plant


Shell :

Rolled from Tested quality carbon steel plates. Proper number of baffles provided for Zig-Zig flow for efficient heat transfer.

Tubes :

Seamless Copper tubes 16 mm (5/8" OD) plain from outside and internally integral fine finned, expanded into tube sheets.

Refrigerant Heads :

Refrigerant Passes through tubes and liquid (usually water or brine) through baffed shell. Refrigerant head is designed for proper number of passes to ensure refrigerant pressure drop within limits and adequate velocity for proper oil carry-over along with vapours.

Design Pressure :

16 kg./cm. sq. g. (225 psig) on the refrigerant (tube) side and 10.6 kg/cm Sq. g. (150 psig) on the water (Shell) Side.


Shell :

Rolled from Tested quality carbon steel Plates. Shell for our models is made in two sections such that there are two circuits on the refrigerant side

Tube :

Integrally finned from outside having 26 fins per inch. 19 mm(3/4") OD seamless copper tubes are expanded into two circuits on the refrigerant side.

Water Heads :

Cast iron water heads designed for easy removal, mechanical tube cleaning and/or tube replacement. Designed for proper number of passes to give optimum water velocity through tubes combining efficient heat transfer and allowable pressure drop.

Sub-cooling Circuit :

A special arrangement in tubes and partition plate allows cooling water to pass through the condensed refrigerant capacity without increasing the power consumption.

Designed Pressure :

21 kg/cm sp. g. (300 psig) on Shell side and 10.6 kg./cm sq. g. (150 psig) on tube side.

Pumpdown Capacity :

Condenser holds full refrigerant charge.

Refrigerant Controls & Accessories

Liquid lines are copper and other lines are made of seamless carbon steel pipes. The liquid line includes shut off valve with charging port in the liquid line, liquid sight glass, solenoid valve, filter drive and thermostatic expansion valve.

Control Center

High & Low pressure cut-outs, pressure gauges, oil safety control, antifreeze protection, indicating lights, part-winding starter, overload protection & interconnecting control wiring are housed in a steel control center with lockable doors.